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Extended Abstract Submission

6th International Conference on Computational Methods for Thermal Problems, ThermaComp 2020, Budva, Montenegro, June 3-5, 2020

Extended abstracts of four pages are invited from potential authors for consideration. Extended abstracts must be written in the prescribed format.

Submitting an abstract, authors accept the ThermaComp Publishing Policy, reported in the webpage that can be found under the "About" link.

Authors interested in submitting a four pages abstract are requested to use the following template:

MS-Word template for extended abstract: download!

In order to submit the four-pages abstract, authors should create an account on this website ( and login into their personal page. The personal page can be accessed from the "User Area" link. From there, it is possible to go to the "Abstract Submission" page, where to upload the abstract (in .doc/.docx format) on the server and then submit it.

Accepted abstracts will only be included in the Conference program and proceedings if at least one of the authors of the paper is registered by the final deadline.

Authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit full length papers to special issues of the journal ‘International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow’ for consideration.


Instructions for submission of four-pages extended abstracts:

The ThermaComp Team kindly asks authors to submit abstracts in .doc/.docx format. The authors who prefer to submit .pdf files, instead of .doc/.docx files, are kindly required to check that all the fonts used in the document are included in the .pdf file of the extended abstract, before uploading it on the website. The authors can simply make this check performing the following procedure: open your .pdf file; hold the key "Ctrl" and press "D"; go to the "Fonts" window; check that near each font there is "(Embedded Subset)". If "(Embedded Subset)" does not appear near each font, you can simply solve the problem creating your .pdf file by using another .pdf virtual printer (one of the possible examples is CutePdf Writer, that you can download for free from the "Free Download" link on